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Post Tips

Audio post process and procedures

ONE:  The picture editor makes a complete copy of the final edit session. Consolidating all audio so the session only contains the final audio files  seen on screen, with 5 second handles and a 2 pop, an OMF (or AAF) is then exported to a delivery folder.  The final video with locked picture at draft resolution is added to the delivery folder for picture reference - important if ODP is composing original music and sound design.  That zipped  file is then sent to via the internet.  FTP or is preferred, (free up to 2 gb).

TWO:  Supply your script and notes, director comments and instructions as a text file or pdf.

THREE:  ODP rejoins the audio to the video (picture), and certifies frame lock - adding a 2 pop assures accurate sync later on.  Depending on the program's tracks, the count can be between 8 to 36 channels.  Every element of the entire session is then carefully QC'd, including region integrity, phase, duplication, all automation, renders, etc.

FOUR:  Channelization.  Dialog, music and effects (DME) are copied and placed in their respective groups within ODP's proprietary console templates.  As these regions can be found in the provided OMF in the hundreds, and spread over a couple of dozen channels at random, this process takes time. But this engineering is crucial to the integrity of the project.  Once completed, those original tracks are backed up and removed from the newly minted session.

FIVE:  Dialog editing. Dialog is king, (voices and voice overs) and tremendous care is taken to make every word clear. After dialog is edited and smoothed out, the FX (effects) build begins. This includes; hard and soft foley, ambience, walla, and sound design. Finally, the music pass, where all fades and cross-fades are established, and the music is processed several ways to insure it works well with the dialog, effects and emotional flow. 

SIX:  The mother mix.  A dialog pass is made, working on the sound of the voices until the blend is perfect. The same process is repeated for the music and FX channels.  Then all three are blended to create the final result: a crystal clear broadcast ready professional mix.

SEVEN: The final Master Mix.  Mastering and broadcast compliance consists of bringing a great sounding mix to its highest sonic quality possible, all while staying in spec with the US Congressional Calm Act specifications A85.  This is truly when art meets science.  With every mix ODP provides a printable extensive Excel QC chart that, by analyzing every second of your content using 6 different metrics, proves bulletproof broadcast compliance.  You can always be assured that once delivered your production will air on time and on budget.  

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Streaming and Downloadable Audio Content


Podcasts, audio books, sonic logos, sonic branding (instrumental signatures), and the emergence of Voice 1st /AI Alexa skills and briefings, ODP understand the critical nature of dialogue driven audio and production as each has their own engineering structures that engages your audience with compelling content.  

The audio experience is exploding worldwide - we've been helping clients create their sonic brand for decades  - aka "jingles".  

At ODP we adhere to best practices, eliminate on-set distortion and deliver clear sound for the ultimate listening quality.  

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